Legal support

Judicial settlement of disputes is one of the most common ways to defend. Starting from a preparation of the claim (withdrawal of the already filed lawsuit) and ending with the receipt of a positive court decision that has entered into legal force Lawyers of Svarog Law Company carry out a full support for the Client.  The initial stage of judicial support is the development of a legal position that should be in harmony with current judicial practice. In the future our professionals in the law defend the interests of the Client using all their experience and legal tools provided by procedural legislation.

Our qualified lawyers and attorneys carry out representation in the courts of first instance, appeal and cassation.

We provide legal assistance accompanied by:

помощь в сопровождении гражданских дел

Civil cases

  • Inheritance law (disputes over inheritance division, prioritization of inheritance, disqualification from inheritance);

  • Family disputes (divorces, division of joint property, determining where child lives, termination of parental rights, recovery of alimony);

  • Banking law (appeal against credit agreements and agreements ensuring their implementation, disputes on early return of deposits);

  • Land law (reclamation of land plots, obtaining easements, removal of obstacles to use the plot);

  • Property disputes (debt collection, vindication, real estate disputes);

  • Labor disputes (appeal against illegal dismissal, review of working conditions, recovery of wage arrears, drafting of employment contracts);

Legal support

Commercial disputes

  • Corporate disputes (illegal change in the form of incorporation, redistribution of the shares of participants, contesting the sale of shares in the registered capital, reinstatement  in the position of the manager, disputes on the shares of issuers);

  • Contractual disputes (disputes related to non-performance of obligations under supply / lease / purchase / sale / contract / commission agreements);

  • Bankruptcy (full support of bankruptcy procedure both from the bankrupt side and from the lender side);

  • Real estate and construction (termination of contracts for the purchase or sale of real estate, invalidation of contracts, appeal of registration actions, appeal of notarial actions for recovery of mortgage property);

  • Financial law (appeal against the actions of professional stock market brokers, appeal against the issuer’s actions, work with debt instruments, appeal against a squeeze-out);

  • Restructuring of bad debts (debt restructuring, debt buy-back, factoring);

  • International commercial arbitration (accompanying the trial in commercial arbitration, ensuring recognition of the decision of the arbitral tribunal in the territory of the state where it is to be enforced);

  • Copyright and Intellectual Property (copyright disputes, trademarks for goods and services, registration of trademarks);

  • Antimonopoly law (protection against unfair competition, obtaining permits and approvals of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, legal opinions on the enforcement of antimonopoly legislation).

Legal support

Administrative affairs

  • Tax disputes (judicial and administrative appeal: inspection orders, results of tax audits, tax notices-decisions, illegal status of enterprise, decisions to cancel the registration of the VAT payer);

  • Customs disputes (appeal against of overcharging of the customs duty, appeal against of the unlawful refusal to accept the customs declaration);

  • Appeal against individual regulations;

  • Environmental law (disputes over environmental protection, halting of construction work, halting / stopping enterprise operation due to exceeding the level of permissible emissions);

  • Use of subsoil (obtaining permits for the special subsoil use, forcing the State Geological Department to hold auctions for the sale of special permits for mining through auctions).

Legal support

Criminal proceedings

  • Protecting the interests of the Client in the procedural status of the victim, witness, suspect, accused, defendant or convict;

  • Development of a defense strategy, undertaking evidence-gathering activities, defining a legal qualification;

  • Participation in investigative actions at the stage of pre-trial investigation (searches, interrogations, seizures, appeal against of unlawful actions of the investigation);

  • Preparation and submission of written pleadings;

  • Appealing against decisions of an investigating judge.

Legal support

Cases of administrative offenses

  • Protection of the interests of road users in traffic accident;

  • Representation of interests in the court of administrative offenses (violation of traffic rules);

  • Protection of officials brought to administrative proceedings.