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Tax Law

Налоговое право Communication with employees of the fiscal authorities is a necessity especially when it comes to paying taxes or enforcing them. Most people whether an ordinary accountant or the head of a large enterprise, feel a  holy awe when dealing with employees of the SFS, not to mention the situation when confronted by the tax police. Such a behavior is the result of a lack of special knowledge and practical actions to defend the taxpayer’s rights. Fortunately for our Clients the lawyers of our company not only love but also know how to successfully counteract abuses of the SFS employees both in administrative and judicial manner.

Moreover, turning to us for help in optimizing tax liabilities before the occurrence of a “disputed situation”, our Clients receive tax advice giving them the opportunity to protect themselves from unnecessary worries and to engage in their main activities.

Summary of services provided:

  • advice on optimization of tax liabilities and assessing tax risks;
  • selection of the most optimal taxation systems, payment and reimbursement of VAT;
  • preparation of responses to requests of the Revenue service for the provision of information, its documentary evidence, as well as judicial appeal against of these requests;
  • legal support of tax audits;
  • administrative and judicial appeal against of tax notices and decisions;
  • supervision during tax audits / seizures by tax police, provision of services of a lawyer for tax crimes.