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Restructuring of loan debts

Реструктуризация кредитной задолженности Due to regular economic shocks a large number of both individuals and legal companies fell into a situation in which they lost the opportunity to meet their loan obligations. At the same time banking institutions  are reluctant to meet borrowers on the issue of restructuring or partial debt cancellation. Also a number of debtors have also found themselves in a situation where the bank in which they took a loan was sent to the liquidation of the Federal Financial Markets Fund. And today the persons involved in their liquidation simply do not have the proper authority to revise the terms of the loan (including the sale of the loan).

Having extensive practical experience in working with both existing banks and banks in liquidation, WE GUARANTEE that we prepare and carry out such a procedure in which creditors would be forced to make significant concessions to you.

As well as the legal purchase of debt (through the Prozorro platform) we provide the services of our financial company licensed to carry out factoring operations (purchase of debt from a bank).

Summary of services provided:

  • document preparation for a reasonable review of the amount and schedule of loan repayment;
  • appeals against of loan agreements (parts thereof) imposing exorbitant obligations on borrowers in terms of repayment of debt;
  • appeals against of pledge / mortgage / bail agreements ensuring fulfillment of obligations under loan agreements;
  • buy-back of loans from banks with a significant discount to the total amount of debt;
  • Legal acts resulting in the creditor’s inability to collect debt and pledged assets;
  • provision of factoring services;
  • a set of measures to block the possibility of selling your debt to third parties;
  • beginning and competent support of the forced liquidation of the debtor (bankruptcy) .