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Legal consulting

Юридический консалтинг Legal advice helps to make the right decision and avoid the difficulties of doing business.

Every day Ukrainian legislation enrich yourself not only by normative acts but also by the practice of applying them. When solving complex and important issues in most cases full-time lawyers are not able to take responsibility on their own and recommend the head of the company to perform one or another action. This model of behavior is easily explained as working in a narrow direction the specialist is not able to see a whole situation. In addition he tries to give as broad advice as possible that removes responsibility from him and does not give any practical value. Our specialists are result-oriented and we provide clear and simple algorithms to solve complex problems.

We do NOT work on a subscription basis. This is a waste of the Client’s money when he receives an imaginary sense of protection. These are only an operative solution to real issues and only practically applicable solutions.

We provide advice on those issues that really interest you and in the area where we are the best specialists.