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Legal expertise (due diligence)

Правовая экспертиза (due diligence) It is necessary and right to obtain additional information and qualified legal advice when making important decisions, whether buying a business or selling an apartment, renting land or participating in a tender, registering trademarks or initiating bankruptcy proceedings. The correct information and the ability to look at the situation from a different angle significantly increases the chances of making the right decisions and of not having to face future problems. There have been situations in our practice when people made decisions on their own (and as time showed – unreasonably self-confident) when they lost millions of dollars (these are not figurative amounts) and they got big problems instead of earning. Although they could have obtained information and legal advice in the shortest possible time for several thousand that would have protected them from such catastrophic consequences.

Our expertise covers all possible aspects related not only to the object of investment (sales or purchases) but also to the integrity of your partners. It is unlikely that you will be acquiring an object in litigation at a market price. As well as you will be entering into a substantial transaction on the purchase of property with the seller as a defendant in a divorce case regarding the division of property. It seems hard to imagine that the Client nevertheless decides to acquire a large plot of land for the construction of a cottage town after having been informed by us that it is located above the high pressure gas pipeline and any construction is prohibited. There are hundreds if not thousands of similar examples in the practice of the Svarog Law Company. Our task is not to convince the Client from his plan but only to give him more information and provide additional options.